Here’s the scoop: Ice cream is a big part of summer and, now, it’s going to be a big part of the University of Tennessee campus. A new old-fashioned ice cream parlor will be opening this fall to provide students with ways to practice retail and culinary skills. Dairy and food science students from UT will be able to showcase ice cream they create and send to market, according to Food Science Extension Specialist and Creamery Manager Nathan Miller, “all the while giving them the hands-on experiential learning to prepare them as they leave UT and enter the workforce.”

“It’s been amazing to watch the creamery project come to life,” senior retail and consumer sciences major Samantha Adams told WVLT. “All these ideas that we talked about two semesters ago have come to fruition, from forming our marketing strategy, developing a survey about what people expect, naming the ice cream flavors, to the design, layout, flooring, and signs.”

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