Caring about our students and putting that care into authentic, thoughtful action can have the biggest impact of all when it comes to retention and persistence. Students who stick around tend to feel that they matter, that they belong and that they’ve established consistent connections. Care is the common denominator in all those equations. And it’s easy to put in play…

  • ASK, “How’s it going?” And really pay attention to the answer.
  • OPEN DOORS so they know they can talk with you about what’s on their mind.
  • FOLLOW-UP by asking how their birthday was, how an event they helped plan turned out or how a job interview went.
  • REMEMBER something important to them: A pet’s name, an interest or something they’re researching.
  • BE PRESENT by being attentive and in the moment with students. Make them feel like your priority. After all, they are.

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