Add faculty + lunch and you get FLUNCH, a Duke University (NC) program that encourages undergrads to invite their faculty and/or course instructors to connect outside the classroom over a free campus lunch. FLUNCHes can be held at one of eight campus eateries. And students can invite up to five other undergraduate guests to FLUNCH with professors as a group, the program’s webpage explains.

Students can invite individuals who are teaching academic undergraduate classes or have taught as a primary instructor—including faculty, emeritus faculty, staff, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars—to FLUNCH with them.

They must first submit a complete FLUNCH form with information about the professor/instructor, the agreed upon date and other student participants (if applicable). They then wait for an approval or rejection email within 24 hours so they can access FLUNCH funds. When they are paying for the FLUNCH meal, students need to inform the cashier that they would like to charge their FLUNCH account.

Students can use up to $70 in FLUNCH funds each semester and are responsible for anything that exceeds that amount. Tips must be included within the $70 limit. The amount students have already used will be listed on their MyDuke or DukeCard account.

FLUNCHes can only occur between 10 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday. The program isn’t available during the summer.

Source: FLUNCH, Intellectual Community, Student-Faculty Engagement Office, Office of Undergraduate Education, Duke University

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