The University of St. Thomas (MN) is one of approximately 10 university campuses to provide students who are sexually assaulted with on-campus post-assault care with Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs). Dedicated counselors for follow-up mental/emotional health care are also available through their Center for Well-Being. This comprehensive approach to post-assault care often helps survivors experience better outcomes and start their healing sooner.

SANEs are registered nurses trained in trauma-informed care, specimen collection, forensic interviewing, and risk assessment for infections and other consequences of a sexual assault.

A study of survivors who received their initial care post-assault in a university health setting showed 100% of them following up with their care, as opposed to 33% who had their initial care in an off-campus emergency department, according to a University of St. Thomas news release. Needing to go off-campus presents issues such as transportation, uncertainty, not wanting to report to the police, fearing they’ll get the perpetrator in trouble and more.

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