Disability Resources at Texas A&M University hosts an initiative called Spectrum in Aggieland, designed to help students on the autism spectrum form connections in a safe space, build social and community relationships, share campus resources and promote learning about autism among faculty and staff members. It also offers pop-up sensory room equipment that can be used anywhere on campus to create spaces where students can take a break when events become overstimulating.

A Pop-Up Sensory Room

The pop-up sensory room equipment was used during Howdy Week and about 75 students stopped in. The Agriculture and Life Sciences Career Fair also hosted a pop-up sensory room in tandem with their event.

Groups and organizations can submit requests to use the pop-up sensory room for their events. Equipment includes:

  • Low lighting (lamps)
  • Comfortable seating
  • White noise machines
  • Fidget items
  • Art supplies

Other Offerings

Weekly Spectrum in Aggieland meetings are held with the goals of:

  • Social and community building
  • Learning about campus resources like the Writing Center, Health Promotion, the Career Center, etc.
  • Visiting offices and centers

 Faculty and staff members can also get involved through:

  • Programs on how to get more involved and promote inclusivity
  • Learning to collaborate with other programs
  • Informational sessions, presentations and webinars
    • Webinar topics have included: Supporting Neurodivergent Students  and “Oh, that’s it?” Simple Strategies for Supporting Aggies on the Spectrum (and ALL Aggies!)

Spectrum in Aggieland, which initially started as a Living Learning Community, is now open to both on- and off-campus students, according to the Division of Student Affairs.

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