The Speech and Expression on College Campuses Symposium at Skidmore College (NY) set for later this month offers a weekend filled with “a series of talks and panels examining the complex issues of speech and expression on college campuses,” according to their site. Faculty members, as well as students and special guests “will interrogate, discuss, and model how we can talk about and engage multiple, diverse, and often conflicting perspectives on college campuses in a way that supports democratic and civil discourse and encourages community.”

All events during the day are free and open to everyone in the Skidmore community and the general public. Sessions will focus on topics such as “How to be a Confident Pluralist,” “From Safe Enough Spaces to Intellectual Diversity: Educational Tensions on Campus” and then wind up with David Brooks, New York Times Columnist, Author and Commentator speaking on “A Just and Loving Attention: How we can treat each other more considerately in the daily interactions of life.”

You can learn more about it all here.