As “a nonpartisan university committee run out of the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement Office,” the Husker Vote Coalition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) connects “with students at all stages of their civic engagement journey by providing educational programming, voter registration tabling, and data analysis for local, state, and national elections. Our goal is to empower students with information they need to register and vote.”

The Husker Vote Coalition (HVC) website offers tools and resources such as:

  • A 2024 Nebraska Elections Guide – featuring primary and general election dates, ballot information, polling place locators and more
  • Being a Vote Ambassador – students can apply to assist the Vote Coalition team with registering people to vote and participating in educational seminars
  • Being an Election Observer – students can apply to assist the team in monitoring local polling sites on Election Day
  • Night of Listening Sessions – these monthly programs offer election information
  • Voter Education Videos – these offer information about voter rights, registering to vote and learning what happens to a ballot after voting

HVC Workshops are also available for classes, student organizations, athletic teams, Greek organizations, residence halls and more. These workshops can range from 10 minutes to an hour. HVC is also available to host voter registration tables at events or in specific areas upon request.

Plus, the HVC can also schedule a capital experience day, which they describe as “an opportunity to gain critical thinking, civil discourse and learn about the Nebraska governing process through an interactive lineup of state legislator, executive branch officials and a supreme court justice. Students also engage in a mock committee hearing, in which they deliberate a piece of current legislation of their choice from different viewpoints.”

Learn about initiatives like this one, plus gain hands-on tools with our new 2024 Elections Resource Kit. Prepare your campus, address concerns, promote respectful engagement and raise awareness this election season.