The Transfer Student Success Team at Brooklyn College (NY) aims to alleviate “transfer turmoil” by providing students with coaches in the areas of transfer advisement, peer transfer and transfer completion. Each coach works with a specific population of CUNY students, offering deliberate, proactive support so they don’t fall through the cracks. Available to all CUNY transfer students, the Team has served about 3,000 students thus far.

Coaches offer students individual coaching sessions to discuss requirements, policies and other difficulties requiring troubleshooting. They also provide schedule forecasts to give students an overview of what courses they’re eligible to take and transcript diagnostics that outline all remaining requirements. Advice is given about course opportunities and trouble spots, too.

“The commitment to accountability, both from the student’s side and our side—is a cornerstone of our work,” said Elise Rivera, a Transfer Student Success Team member who works with students transferring from Borough of Manhattan Community College. “If a student hits a roadblock, the situation does not stop there. They can come back to us, and we can follow up or offer alternate solutions. Our goal is to eliminate roadblocks and offer a clear path to success.”

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